Company information

Professionals of our trade

We provide full crane servicing and technical support throughout their entire use.

The main and most important type of activity of SIA Valiants is the rental and sale of large cargo-lifting equipment – tower cranes and mobile cranes.

Also, our company accepts orders for the purchase and subsequent servicing and repairs of new or used equipment.


Sky is the only limit...


Company founder and manager

Ingmar Pada

Ingmar started his career in the construction equipment rental field in Sweden in the 1960s. As an electric-installer by profession, he was engaged in servicing cargo cranes in construction companies.
In the late 1960s, he established his own business involving the sale and rental of tower cranes, mobile cranes, and passenger platforms and lifts.
In the 1980s, during the boom of the construction industry, his company became one of the leaders in the cargo-lifting equipment rental market. More than 300 of his company’s machinery units were operated at the leading large-scale construction sites both in Sweden, and other European countries.
In the early 1990s, company “Ingmar Pada AB” established its operations in Latvia. The company participated in the renovation of the well-known Riga hotel “Metropole”.
On October 31, 1994, Ingmar Pada founded and registered company “Valiants”.

Currently, SIA “Valiants” is the leading company in the tower crane rental market in Latvia, which also successfully takes part in construction sites in Lithuania and Estonia.
This success can, undoubtedly, be credited to the company leader and founder. The key to success lies in continuous and selfless work throughout more than 27 years, his knowledge, intellect, interest in the development of the industry, as well as confidence in his calling and willingness to succeed.

We offer

  • Detailed designing

    Available servicing includes consultations provided by competent staff. Our specialists will help you plan the optimal assembly of cargo-lifting equipment even on the most complex construction sites.

  • Delivery and pick-up

    We will organize the process of transporting your crane. We will make sure that the crane is delivered to the site and picked up from it after the work is done.

  • Economical assembly

    Qualified specialists will assemble the crane quick and at an optimal cost. In addition, there will be a servicing vehicle at the construction site, equipped with modern special tools.

  • Service maintenance

    We service our own cranes. Our company guarantees quick, professional and safe support at construction sites. Check the operation of our service.

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